Returns for most investment portfolios are heavily tied to the stock market. Option selling strategies can be an effective way to achieve decent returns while reducing a portfolio's correlation to equities.

Tactile Options Mini Portfolio

Growth of $10,000
Includes Idle Cash Held & Trade Commissions

Annualized Return Total Return Sharpe Ratio Maximum Drawdown Correlation to S&P 500 Beta to S&P 500 Average Trades/Month Winning Trades
41.55% 54.40% 2.59 -12% 21% 0.16 3.2 68%
Tactile Options Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2020 11.12% 0.00% -11.47% 18.26% 9.75%
2021 33.24% 5.01% 4.13% 1.35% 2.41% 4.82% 2.32% -0.22% 3.80% 0.62% 2.20% -1.31% 2.14%


Tactile options trades iron condors, diagonals, credit spreads and butterfly spreads on US equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded volatility notes (ETNs). It also trades 'the wheel' (cash-secured puts and covered calls) on select stocks, all while using cash as an active position.

Trade decisions are based on analysis of volatility term structures, equity market and asset class behavior. Detailed and easy to follow instructions are shared with subscribers in the daily email that include:

• Strike price selection
• Stop loss or gain (where applicable)
• Option greeks
• Allocation size

Prioritizes trades with low directional bias

Includes heavy emphasis on 'short volatility'

Easy to follow - low trade frequencies

Demonstrates low correlation to equity indices

How to Follow Tactile Options

Signals for Tactile Options are shared every morning in the daily email sent out to the community before 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time.

Detailed instructions are given for every new trade including ticker, expiry and strike price selection, allocation, stop loss or gain, implied volatility data, and the option greeks.

Included in every email is an at-a-glance table displaying all current open trades. Trades displayed in the table will be colour-coated to indicate if they are either opening or closing today.

Basic working knowledge of options trading is recommended for Tactile Options. Always begin with paper trading until you are comfortable.

Tactile Options currently occupies a 50% allocation in the Tactile Trade Portfolio. Signals are actionable on the day they are given only.

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